Life as a Wolverton Works employee from the eyes of his daughter

My father was born in 1901 at Wolverton. My grandfather was employed as a plumber in The Works  and my father his youngest son became a coach painter.and worked there until he retired at the age of 65yrs receiving a chiming mantle clock to mark 50yrs of service. He used to walk the mile up the station hill every day returning home at mid day for his dinner The road was filled with hundreds of men in cloth caps cycling to work . Listening to the Works hooter calling the men to work. Sometimes he had lunch in the canteen where entertainers like Wilfred Pickles  visited. We lived along the Newport Road, the house where I was born.He bred canaries which he kept in aviary at the bottom of the garden and also had an allotment as most did to supplement the rationing after the war, eating fresh pulled carrots and peas from the pod is a memory etched in my mind. As he was too old for the Second World War he became a Home Guard there were two men on duty at one time and were first issued with uniforms in one size medium My father being small in stature had to roll up the sleeves and trouser legs while men of larger build wore theirs with sleeves half way up their arms and trousers at half mast.

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