I was asked to join the living Archive voluteers and as I was interested in local history having been born and bred in New Bradwell  I can relate to local history and sometimes fill in the blanks

I really enjoy the sessions on Thursday morning and have made many friends

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2 Responses to Linda

  1. Karen Harrison says:

    Hi Linda
    Wonder if you can give me any information about the Massey family who lived at 486 Ledsam St Wolverton. The men in the family worked as coach painters at the railway works. My great grandmother and grandmother lived in Ledsam Street and I am trying to find out about them. I can supply names and dates of course but if you could give me an idea of the easiest route to take it would be appreciated. Regards Karen

    • lindavolunteer says:

      Thanks for your e-mail I am a volunteer at the Living archive and today I made an inventory of one of our boxes which contain the census lists for Wolverton 1841-1891 if they were living there on the later dates I should be able to find them They also have copies of the Wolverton Express which might go back far enough Wolverton Library , Wolverton Milton Keynes would be worth a phone call. Linda

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