The image of Wolverton

I’ve lived in Wolverton since 1971 and I really do love it.  But let’s face it, Wolverton is not going to win many Glamorous Granny competitions so it’s really interesting when you meet others who live in other, superficially, more attractive parts of Milton Keynes .  The look I get when I say I live in Wolverton is initially normally one of pity, followed up by incredulity when I say that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else even if I won the Lottery.

The reason for this is that Wolverton, for all its shabbiness,  has something that other places would envy – a really strong sense of community- and many people who want to make a difference and take a responsibility for changing and making their place a lively and better place to live.

For example, we’ve got people who have initiated and are now managing environmental projects like the Community Orchard, The Friends of Victoria St Park, the Secret Garden and the ground-breaking Growing People project at the Urb Farm off Windsor Street.  We’ve got the Transition Town group who are planning for a future Wolverton where fossil fuels will be in short supply. We’ve got a great selection of community events that give people a chance to come together and celebrate – It’s in the Square, the Flower & Vegetable Show,the Scarecrow Festival, November Fireworks, the Lantern Festival are  just some of them.

What’s really encouraging to an old codger like me is that there are a lot of younger people eager to get involved and make things happen – the future looks really promising.   If Mr Cameron wants an example of what the Big Society is all about he needs look no further than Wolverton!

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  1. I agree with you Roger; Wolverton won’t win any glamour awards but it will score highly on the quality of its community life. In my recent visits to the town of my birth and upbringing I have been struck by the apparently uninterrupted “Wolvertonness” of community life. I have met people I have known since my year dot, some older than me, and many others who have more recently come to Wolverton and have embraced its community.
    I am convinced that this ethos was founded in the 1840s when men and women from all parts of the country were thrown together and met the challenge of creating a new community. The wonder is that 170 years later this community force is paramount.

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