My First Gig was in Wolverton

Tim Heymerdinger’s reminisence of his ‘first’ was about gigging and was collected as part of the City of Firsts exhibition in Discover Milton Keynes. Tim arrived in Milton Keynes in 1977.

“I was in, at the time, what regarded itself as a very serious post-punk band.

I’d like to tell you about my first ever gig in Milton Keynes. I’m a jobbing musician, I’ve done a variety of things but it all started out with the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition in about 1980 at the Wolverton Agora.

I was in, at the time, what regarded itself as a very serious post-punk band, along the lines of Joy Division, which was made up of a very disparate bunch of misfits – including myself- fans of the likes of Joy Division but also bizarrely Caravan and Pink Floyd. So you can imagine, quite a mixture.

We turned up at this gig and we thought it was a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition, we were taking it very seriously. We fell out of my dad’s van with all our gear and set up in a corner of the Agora, which was then an open space for community use as I understand it.

We noticed that in the middle of the Agora was a mirror ball, hanging up in the middle of the area, which started to revolve the minute the band started playing – at which point little kids began appearing on roller skates and spinning round this roller ball doing a variety of different manoeuvres and showing off their skills – which was entirely inappropriate for a serious post-punk band. We were gutted.

We lost the ‘Battle of the Bands’ by some considerable way and that was my first gigging experience of Milton Keynes.”

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