Wolverton 150 Celebrations (1988)

This was a reminiscence from Jenny Bennett collected via Discover Milton Keynes during the Big Players of Milton Keynes in Sports, Arts and Media exhibition:

I remember when I was 8 when the Wolverton 150 Celebrations were on in 1988, and I was a Brownie at the time and we got very excited, because we used to meet at the Scout Hall at Wolverton and it was a very big thing. We had mugs and badges and made banners and things.

Souvenirs from the 150 year celebrations

I remember how we all traipsed down to the old station in Wolverton, when it was all still wooden steps and I remember the noise of these steps used to echo. I was very little and all the Brownies had to stand along the steps and some dignitary came and we all had to stand up the steps and waited for a very long time. We felt very important, all dressed up, ‘cos we knew it was special, because it was one of the oldest parts of Milton Keynes and we knew that we were living in a special place.

I also remember one of the first lantern festivals – there was lots of fire because everyone had candles! We then learnt from that and started rigging up batteries and bulbs and things. My Dad was a bit obsessed with it actually. He made all kinds of funny looking things; he tried to make a Father Christmas looking lantern and a bird-looking lantern.

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