Toc H fundraising event

False moustaches imitate actor Jimmy Edwards

Toc H, a local men’s organisation that raised funds for distressed ex-servicemen, organised annual fund-raising events that involved dressing up and fun.  In 1957 they were inspired by the release of the film Three Men in a Boat whose stars included Jimmy Edwards who was well known for his handlebar moustache. Toc H members and friends all sported handlebar moustaches,and there was a competition for the best one held, in the Empire Cinema on Church Street where the film was being shown, and it was judged by Frederick Garwood who’d recently set up shop in the town as a barber.

One of the TocH members pictured in the first photograph is Eric Swannell (he’s the first on the left with the bowler hat, leaning on the car).

Can you tell us who else is in the photo?  If you were there, can you contribute your memories below?

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