The Works Messroom

The works messroom was built in 1871 and was a large 2 story building with a single pitch room.   In 1880 the messroom was enlarged and became a 3 story two gabled building which could seat 2000 men for dinner.   Each man had his own number the men were seated on the upper floors and the ladies where seated on the ground floor.

Through the years the messroom/canteen was used to hold events like parties, shows etc.   The canteen also had the biggest stage in Wolverton inside it. Sadly in the 1990s the messroom was also home to the B R S A in 1975 when they reopen their club after they vacated the bar they had in the old time office building in 1972.

In the 1980s the canteen was taken over by a catering company and then in the 1990s the messroom was sadly demolished to make way for Tesco.  And Wolverton lost a great event hall.


About Phillip

I enjoy drawing/sketching in my spare time. I became a volunteer at Living Archive through being greatly interested in the history of Wolverton railway works, I have always had an interest in the works from a young boy as my grandpa worked in the offices. To me the history of Wolverton Railway Works is such an extraordinary and amazing thing. I am also michael jacksons biggest fan and have been from the age of 5
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