General Offices

In 1879 the gas works on gas street was relocated to the south and the old gas works and holder were demolished.  The site was redeveloped as the general office block for the works. It was a very large building with two levels and the main entrance was facing Stratford Road with large blue doors.   There were a number of offices within this block including the works managers office. There were also three entrances and staircases within the building. The golden staircase which goes from the the main Stratford Road level down the the accounts office.   It  is called the golden staircase because only the manager and office staff used it. The second staircase and entrance was in the back of the drawing store and there was a third entrance and staircase which was reached from the development office from the arcade walkway. In the summer of 1986 work started on a new office building and this was finished in September of 1987 .   The office staff vacated the old office block and moved to the new location at the west end of the site.. From September 1987 till 1991 the office block stood empty and for same reason I am yet to find out.   Then half of the office block was demolished and then after that in the summer of 1991 the rest of the office block suffered a major fire and was burnt to the ground.

I got some of this info from David Hilliard of Railcare


About Phillip

I enjoy drawing/sketching in my spare time. I became a volunteer at Living Archive through being greatly interested in the history of Wolverton railway works, I have always had an interest in the works from a young boy as my grandpa worked in the offices. To me the history of Wolverton Railway Works is such an extraordinary and amazing thing. I am also michael jacksons biggest fan and have been from the age of 5
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2 Responses to General Offices

  1. Not quite accurate Phillip. The first Gas Works moved very early and certainly not long after 1845. If you take a look at my post here
    you can see the plan of Gas Street as it was in 1845.
    The second Gas Works was sited to the south east of the second station and was moved to the third site on the Old Wolverton Road when the loop line was built.
    The first Gas Works site seems to have had various uses. there was a room for engine drivers and a place for storage. I think too there must have been some sort of entrance at the Stratford Road level because a shoemaker named William Barley had a shoe shop there. In the Trade Directories of the period it was known as Bridge Street.

    • Phillip says:

      i realized after i post the post that may have i got it wrong. but i am still try to find out why the building was half demolished before the fire and in doing so i came across the map of the site after 1845 and saw that the gas works had moved.

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