Paint shop 2

When Wolverton third station was opened in about 1882 the second station was redeveloped and the land then became the works new paint shops as put on the redevelopment two of the villas on the now secret garden were also pulled down.

The building was built in 1882 and constructed as a all purpose paint shop and a tunnel was constructed under the Stratford road connecting the 2 paint shops together but this tunnel was only for people was there was not enough room for carriages or wagon to run through.

The duties for this paint shop were to paint carriages and wagons and furniture. This paint shop had its own colour room and it was a large colour room with seven colour mills one pumice machine. A putty making machine and white lead mixing machine all mixing of colours was done by staff numbering seven engaged in this room also held in this room was a good supplies of tarps, putty, tools brushes etc :

The doors to this building were only on the south end facing the third paint shop with a traverser way between the two.

Part of this shop is also enclosed as a room  for light and cleaning work and another part was for polishing desks and chairs etc: in the 1960’s with the decline of the works meant the three of the four paint shop were sold off or rented out the buildings to Dunlop and Rankenl Ltd.

When Dunlop and Rankenl Ldt took over this building they removed all track within the building and the traverser was removed but apart from these changes the building stayed the same. I think  some time in the 1980’s Electrolux took over the warehouse and to this day still rent the site but the building is not the same as in 1999 there was a big fire and the old paint shop were burnt to the grown and had to pulled down. In 2012 the new building that stands on the foot print of the old paint shop is a moden warehouse made to look like the old building…


About Phillip

I enjoy drawing/sketching in my spare time. I became a volunteer at Living Archive through being greatly interested in the history of Wolverton railway works, I have always had an interest in the works from a young boy as my grandpa worked in the offices. To me the history of Wolverton Railway Works is such an extraordinary and amazing thing. I am also michael jacksons biggest fan and have been from the age of 5
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