The Connie Barker Sick and Comfort Fund

On receipt of a letter from Parrott and Son Solicitors, enclosing a letter from the deceased, Mr Walter Barker, formerly of Wolverton, who had experienced the trials and suffering of his wife and daughter, Connie felt constrained to leave a small legacy  to extend a touch of sympathy and comfort to others who may suffer. The chairman of Wolverton Urban Council, in 1960, set up the Connie Barker’s Sick and Comfort Fund  to provide aid to those in need. Trustees were appointed (one these was my father) and meetings to apportion grants to organisations of local clubs and individual persons in need.

The Trust ran for many years, helping many with monetary gifts to lessen their suffering –  the original remit of the trust.  But as with all things, interest waned and the decision was made to transfer the funds to Willen Hospice Charity who runs similar help (with the thought that Mr Barker would approve of the wonderful work, not only to the terminally ill, but also for the relatives also involved).

Reading this I am struck by the fact that even in this day and age, nothing much has changed.  We are being asked for donations to help those more needy than us – either by putting in the trolleys outside supermarkets or donations of clothes and money to provide food and shelter (especially at this time of the year).  The season of goodwill and hope to all men.   Happy Christmas and may the New Year bring Hope for everyone.

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