My Dad

Mr. John (Jack) Robinson. He was born in Wolverton at No 1 Young Street on 11th November 1919. He went to school in Wolverton and he went as an apprentice at Wolverton Works.


After the War he went to play tennis at Wolverton Sports Club in Osbourne Street.  He played in the North Bucks Team and captained them to win North Bucks Shield in 1952. He also won with his tennis partner Mr. Stan Norman the All England Railway Cup. He worked in Wolverton Railway Works as an apprentice, and after going to Night School at the Science and Arts Institute in Wolverton.

Winners of Bucks County Mens Team Shield 1952In 1954 he went on to be a Lecturer at Wolverton College of further education ending up as a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering & Technical Drawing.  He retired from the college in 1984.

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  1. Alwyne Haydock says:

    To those of us who were fortunate to spend time at the Tec in Church Street, on the girls side we were given an education which enabled us to do just about everything needed to run an office or a business. The boys likewise had a good start on aspects of engineering which could take them anywhere. It might have been cold and drafty but the education there was red hot and spot on
    although we might not of realised it at the time.

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