A School in Moon Street Wolverton

Wolverton-County-Secondary- In 1902, the first co-educational secondary school in Wolverton, serving the North Bucks district, was opened.  It had 17 pupils and was based at the Science and Arts Institute in Church Street, Wolverton.  In 1907 it moved into its own premises in Moon Street.



 An Important step in the educational progress of the County of Buckingham was marked on Wednesday by the formal opening of the fine new Secondary School, erected by the Bucks County Education Committee, at Wolverton.

Science-&-Arts-Institute-WoFormerly the classes, in connection with the Wolverton and District Higher Education Centre, were held at the Science and Art Institute, but since November, when the new buildings were completed, the school has had a separate building thoroughly worthy of it.

It is situated in a convenient spot in Moon Street, and is a very attractive and well designed structure, being built of red brick with white stone dressings.  It has separate entrances for boys and girls, a handsome central hall and four classrooms on the ground floor.  Also two good cloakrooms.  On the first floor is a convenient and well equipped laboratory, lecture rooms and two classrooms.

The floors of the entrance hall cloak rooms and lavatories are of terrazzo mosaic paving and the other floors are of pitch pine blocks.  The stair steps are made of granite concrete.  Internally the walls are finished with siripite plaster and coloured with Olsina washable distemper.  The building is heated throughout with hot water pipes, and the ventilating arrangements are on the most up-to-date system. Accommodation is provided for 160 scholars, and the building is so arranged that extensions can be added in an economical manner.

Messrs. Harrington, Ley and Kirkham of London were the architects and Mr. E. Green of Northampton, the builder.  The schools were crowded with visitors on Wednesday afternoon, who evinced great interest in the various departments and also in an exhibition of student’s work in one of the class-room.  Mr. D. Clarke, C.A. took the chair at the opening ceremony.  He had much pleasure in calling upon the Chairman of the County Council,  Mr. Tonman Mosley, to formally declare the school open.

Mr. Tonman Mosley recollected very well the time when he came down to Wolverton with other members of the Bucks County Council and having a most interesting inspection of their Institute.  He remembered how well they considered technical education was being conducted in the district, and he felt that, after that, the County Council ought really to take a second place, because Wolverton itself was so much in the forefront of advanced education.  Proceeding, he said, he hoped the County Council were doing their duty.  They had devoted some £25,000 to the advancement of Secondary Education and, in nearly every district, they had already provided or were providing means for parents to send their children to school for higher education.  An adjournment was then made to the Wolverton Science and Art Institute where the prize distribution took place in the large hall.

First-HeadmasterThe Headmaster (Mr. E.J. Boyce), submitting his very satisfactory report, said in 1902 the school had 17 pupils.  Now there were 52 boys and 31 girls drawn from nearly all parts of North Bucks.  Last year two pupils matriculated at the London University.  The Headmaster said the work of the school had increased so much that the new buildings were already not large enough, and pleaded for extensions.  Thanks to the Chairman concluded the proceedings.  Refreshments were then served, and subsequently an interesting exhibition of drills and exercises was given by the girl scholars.

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