Help with wolverton works heritage centre

Wolverton Railway works heritage centre

In mid 2013 an idea was formed by 2 of my well know friends who have a lot to do with the works thought about setting up a visitor centre in the works when it was under railcare and it was going to be where tours of the works could be undertaken and have a room for research and it will be a place where we could collect photo’s and stories etc.
when Railcare went bust we were concerned that nothng would happen all thought of a visitor centre died until early 2014 when i said about having a heritage centre in the works as it came to to attention that there is nothing to celebrate and remember wolverton. The musuem has some works artefacts and a room dedicated to the works but there is not enough room in there for anything to big. When the news came that the works site was going to be redeveloped we said this can’t really happern as the history will be gone for good so a few emails to St Modwen ended up in a meeting in September 2014 where we put forward a business play for the centre. It was touch and go at the time to get them to agree to a heritage centre two days later i found out at a meeting that the heritage centre was in the outline plans for the site and i started on doing plans when i found out the lifting shop or part of it was going to be where it would be i used photo’s i had and really sdtarted to plan it. The rest of the wolverton works heritage project team started to find ways of founding and see what grunts are out there for us Talks have also been had with york museum to have some of the wolverton collection back home including carriages.
The centre is also going to be bridging a gap between the museum and living archive in a way that there will be a place to research family history in the works go through newspapers and photo’s any old artefacts from the building that are falling down will be used and when the buildings come down all signs and artefacts will be used aswell.At this time in early 2015 plans are still on going but due to St Modwen still not putting in the planing to council means things are slowing down. We are also looking for any one that has any photos of the works and artefcts from there if any one also knows of ways of getting funding to help fund the project

About Phillip

I enjoy drawing/sketching in my spare time. I became a volunteer at Living Archive through being greatly interested in the history of Wolverton railway works, I have always had an interest in the works from a young boy as my grandpa worked in the offices. To me the history of Wolverton Railway Works is such an extraordinary and amazing thing. I am also michael jacksons biggest fan and have been from the age of 5
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